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Sticky Wall

Sticky Wall

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The sticky wall technique was DEVELOPED BY PRACTITIONERS at the Institute of Cultural Affairs and is used worldwide as a part of the Technology of Participation methods.
What is a Sticky Wall?
Sticky walls are made of durable and lightweight Rip-Stop nylon.
When sprayed with repositionable adhesive, they allow for paper movement without damage.
Why use a Sticky Wall?
  • Meetings are productive. Instead of talking about doing work, the sticky wall gives us an easy way to do work in the meeting and ends with a tangible result.

  • Meetings are transparent. Everyone sees the work being done and knows where we ended up. The exact results of the meeting can be distributed afterward.

  • Meetings are collaborative. Because the work is upfront, everyone can participate. Unlike using a projected computer where only one person can type, everyone can write and stick paper on the wall.


Sticky walls are made of durable and lightweight Rip-Stop nylon.

Shipping & Returns

All sticky walls are all sent via the USPS Priority mail and will arrive in 2-3 business days, unless otherwise specified. Returns are not accepted.


Jumbo- 12'x5'

Large- 8'x5'

Medium- 6'x5'

Small- 4'x2.5'

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